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A Hero Has Emerged ... JOHNNY FOLK HERO


Art That Promotes Self-Love

NFT Contests, Mental Health Support, Healing Events

The most up to date information can be found in our whitepaper. 

Skull of Tyger NFT 10/24 Test Batch Result 277- Ruby Skull with Tentacles

Identity vs. Social Adaptation

How often does the desire for social acceptance caused by fear, anxiety, and stress lead to identity abandonment?

The Skull of Tyger NFT project is here to acknowledge the struggle we all have with identity, and how it affects our mental health.


Each skull is a different personality, mood, lifestyle, or identity that is a social adaptation of the original. 


The traits represent something that we hide or change about ourselves in order to find social acceptance.

A portion of this project will be put towards helping others in finding confidence in their identity and achieve the self-love they deserve.  More details to come.

Skull of Tyger NFT 10/24 Test Batch Result 217- Yellow Diamond Skull with Swords and Crystals.

Collection Preview

Sample Gallery

Apex Skulls

10 One-of-a-kind Skulls of Tyger Worth Minting For!

The Apex Skulls with join the OG SoT as the most sought after pieces in the collection.  The art for each Apex Skull will be completely unique and original, to further represent how our identities are altered by fear, stress, and anxiety.  They will be revealed over time as we progress to the project launch.