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Art That Promotes Self-Love

NFT Contests, Mental Health Support, Healing Events

The most up to date information can be found in our whitepaper. 


Now Hosting


  • Community Determined Traits

  • Trivia, Dice, Cards & More

  • Win Free NFTs

  • Day 29 Airdrop Collection

Help Create NFT Art!


10,290 Original Hand-drawn Illustrations on the Solana Blockchain

The Skull of Tyger (SoT) project is about our true identity, and how we alter ourselves to feel acceptance.


Our goal is to generate mental health awareness and financial support, as well as provide a comfortable discord community with channels and events that provide direct support to the community and the holders.


The Skull of Tyger project seeks to be a positive force through art and community.  Join us on this grand journey of healing, growth, self-love, and of course NFTs!


Skull of Tyger NFT 10/24 Test Batch Result 277- Ruby Skull with Tentacles

Identity vs. Social Adaptation

How often does the desire for social acceptance caused by fear, anxiety, and stress lead to identity abandonment?

The Skull of Tyger NFT project is here to acknowledge the struggle we all have with identity, and how it affects our mental health.


Each skull is a different personality, mood, lifestyle, or identity that is a social adaptation of the original. 


The traits represent something that we hide or change about ourselves in order to find social acceptance.

A portion of this project will be put towards helping others in finding confidence in their identity and achieve the self-love they deserve.  More details to come.

Skull of Tyger NFT 10/24 Test Batch Result 217- Yellow Diamond Skull with Swords and Crystals.

Project Utility

Benefitting the Community and Impacting Mental Health


Community Wallet

A community healing wallet will fund self-growth & mental health support opportunities for holders.


Charity Donations

Skull of Tyger will make charitable donations to benefit organizations that impact mental health.


NFT Journey

Experience an original NFT journey that will focus on community growth & NFT education.


Pre-Sale Airdrop

All members listed for pre-sale will receive a commemorative launch NFT airdrop from Skull of Tyger.


Day 29 Airdrop

A rare collection of animated SoT NFTs created live on Twitch will be airdropped to lucky holders.


Week 29 Airdrop

All Skull of Tyger Holders will receive a unique NFT airdrop from the Skull of Tyger Artist.


For a complete list of our plans and details please view the roadmap on our Discord.


Journey to Launch

Skull of Tyger is not your ordinary NFT collection.  We are dedicated to an organically grown community built through a series of collections that will assist in this goal.

Order of events subject to change

Breath of Life NFT Preview

Stage 1

Breath of Life


Released January 7th, 2022 

52 edition NFT collection to promote the Skull of Tyger Project through Discord and Twitter Giveaways.

Skull of Bone preview

Stage 2

Skull of Bone

Released January 31st, 2022 

The 1st of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Skull of Amethyst NFT preview

Stage 3

Skull of Amethyst

Released February 9th, 2022

The 2nd of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Lost Gem Skull of Ruby NFT Preview

Stage 4

Skull of Ruby

Released February 16th, 2022

The 3rd of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Nouvel Equilibre preview

Stage 5

Nouvel Equilibre


Released February 21st, 2022

Awarded to the tattoo naming winners for the Skull of Tyger collection.

Lost Gem Skull of Yellow Diamond

Stage 6

Skull of Yellow Diamond

Released February 23rd, 2022

The 4th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Lost Gem Skull of Citrine NFT

Stage 7

Skull of Citrine

Released March 2nd, 2022

The 5th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Nordic Glory NFT preview

Stage 8

Nordic Glory


Released March 9th, 2022

A collection of mintable Viking shield NFTs.

Attached to the Lost Skulls event.

Multi-artist project.

Lost Gem Skull of Emerald NFT

Stage 9

Skull of Emerald

Released March 9th, 2022

The 6th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Attached to the Nordic Glory Collection

The Lost Gem Skull of Aquamarine

Stage 10

Skull of Aquamarine

Released March 16th, 2022

The 7th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

The Lost Gem Skull of Sapphire

Stage 11

Skull of Sapphire

Released March 23rd, 2022

The 8th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

The Lost Gem Skull of Peridot

Stage 12

Skull of Peridot

Released March 29th, 2022

The 9th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

The Lost Gem Skull of Pink Tourmaline

Stage 13

Skull of Pink Tourmaline

Released April 12th, 2022

The 10th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Stage 14

Johnny Folk Hero


Minting Now

Collection of mintable NFTs based on the American Folk Hero Johnny Appleseed.

Attached to the Lost Skulls Event.

Lost Gem Skull of Diamond

Stage 15

Skull of Diamond

Released 1/20/23

The 11th of 11 Lost Gem Skulls of Tyger

Attached to the Johnny Folk Hero Collection


Stage 16

Charity Collection

More Details to Come

100 NFTs Auctioned & Raffled to impact Mental Health


Stage 17


More Details to Come

Staking will utilize every NFT collection within the Skull of Tyger family

Skull of Tyger NFT preview

Stage 18

Skull of Tyger


Future Release

The official Skull of Tyger Collection

10,290 unique mintable NFTs

Skull of Tyger Original Created by Tyler McNair in 2016

Original Backstory

To call attention to ADHD, which shows in my writing, I have added wiki links to every reference or subject I mention.  Having all the links open at the same time gives a snapshot into the thought cluster that causes constant distractions, interruptions, brain fog, mental exhaustion, and anxiety.

Tigers Rule!

Born in the Year of the Tiger, I have always felt a connection to this incredible cat. I'm not sure if it was the hours of Thundercats, the many trips to the zoo, or growing up in the prime of Zubaz, that makes the classic appearance of the Tiger eye-catching;  I mean, the Tiger Shark, c'mon now.

Depression Sucks!

Living with depression, anxiety, or any form of a mental health challenge, causes difficult times to the lot of us.  I find that when these low points are reached, my creative need becomes overwhelming, seeking within myself for some answer or revelation to solve this mad life.  Self-love, confidence, and happiness should be had by all and yet so many people struggle to find peace with who they are.  I think finding out who we are and feeling a certainty about our identity is crucial to being able to face these challenges.

Skull of Tyger Original

Pencil and ink illustration that was digitally painted over in Photoshop.  The name "Skull of Tyger" is a play on words using my first name, and an ode to a favorite cartoon when I was younger called, "I Am Weasel (or I Are Baboon)."

Identity Acknowledgement

When I originally created this piece, it was an acknowledgement of my identity, both as a person and an artist.  The skull is an acceptance of mortality, but also a reminder to embrace the spirit of the Tiger within and live without fear; in order to be Grrrrrreat! (Tony the Tiger reference).

I've looked at this image everyday for nearly 5 years now, and it has given me the motivation to bring this project to life.  Fear of failure, rejection, or just not being good enough holds many of us back from taking risks.  I hope the Skull of Tyger project inspires you, and others to be proud of their identity.


Follow your dreams, love your family, work your ass off, conquer yourself.

Gallery of Test Samples

Sample Gallery

Apex Skulls

10 One-of-a-kind Skulls of Tyger Worth Minting For!

The Apex Skulls with join the OG SoT as the most sought after pieces in the collection.  The art for each Apex Skull will be completely unique and original, to further represent how our identities are altered by fear, stress, and anxiety.  They will be revealed over time as we progress to the project launch.